Tuesday, August 7, 2012

essentials: carry-on must-haves

I'm notorious in my friend group for overpacking just about every occasion. From my school bag to my suitcase, I constantly live in a "what if" mentality; "what if I need hot pink lipgloss instead of hot pink lip matte?," "what if I'm having a blue-ink pen day instead of a black-ink pen day?," "what if the event calls for dark denim instead of acid-washed?

My friends & I are fortunate enough to share a common love for traveling - so any free week or long weekend we get we're constantly jet-setting & exploring new places. & although the times traveling with them are some of my most favorite memories, plane trips present two of my worst nightmares First, thanks to those TSA bastards & whoever the hell owns the sky, I have been forced to limit the amount of cosmetics I take on board. Do you guys know how difficult it is to even go two hours without YSL mascara?! Really freaking difficult, that's how! And, secondly, the counterpart of being amongst the clouds that give you a whimsical, fairy-tale, "I can conquer anything" feeling, is that the altitude dehydrates your skin [which explains why you may breakout or why your foundation looks caked-on when you get off.]

Thankfully, I am here to rescue all you celestial sphere problems, skylords! I give you, 12 beauty essentials that are security-approved & 4 easy steps & tricks.

Step {1} - "The Banishment"
Right when you get settled in, remove your make-up with wipes. Although I don't use them in my  daily make-up routine, I prefer "Yes to Cucumbers Soothing" wipes for travel. They smell amazing & don't leave your skin feeling groggy.

Step {2} - "Refresh"
Fill a small spray bottle a third of the way with water. After you've removed all your makeup, douse your face with the water & dab with cotton pads (shown above: bottom, right) This refreshes & thoroughly cleanses the skin. Purchase an eye contact container at any drug store & dispense your go-to moisturizer in one side. Apply all over the face to nourish the skin. This will keep your face from breaking & drying-out. 

Step {3} - "Re-do"
I blame my father for me having a serious fear of seeing someone I wasn't expecting to see in public & not being of pristine appearance. I can't tell you the number of 6am airport run-ins he's had with Mr. This or Mrs. That which has led my compulsion in always needing a full face of makeup. When the pilot announces your "approach to landing" reach into your cosmetic bag and grab your eye contact case. You've already filled one half with moisturizer, so while you're packing fill the other with your favorite foundation. Use Makeup Forever's mini kit to comply with the 3oz rules & to save space. Always pack a cosmetic mirror in your bag so you can see what you're doing. This way, you wont have to stumble over people's laps & legs to go to the restroom. My favorite is NARS' that doubles as blush & bronzer! Re-applying makeup at the end of your trip will leave your face looking fresh & new-zit-free!

Step {4} - "Extra, Extra!"
Pack a Tide To-Go pen & a sample-size perfume in your bag! You may not get ahold of your luggage for hours in the event that it gets lost, so having the Tide pen in case of drink spillage is necessary. And finally, those perfume samples come in handy! Save them to use throughout your vacation! Experimenting in scents is so appropriate while experimenting in travels! 

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Bon Voyage!

lauren jerdonek.