Tuesday, December 18, 2012

gentleman con swag: chris paul

Thursday, December 13, 2012

skirting the issue

The truth is this: When it comes to holiday dressing (& daily dressing in general) I always feel guilty throwing on a dress. Besides Googling the answers to your astronomy homework, a singular cylinder covering two major zones of your anatomy just seems like the biggest cop-out in the game. With the exception of the high school prom & maybe (just maybe) your wedding, I challenge your creativity & self-confidence in pairing more provocative pieces together primarily for the sake of originality & my amusement. 

Although the result of said challenge for me personally is usually leather pants, this holiday season I'm dipping into the pond that holds a similar type of cylinder covering only one major zone of that said anatomy. Because, contrary to this generation's Einsteins Taylor Swift & Boys Like Girls, two is not better than one. 

I give you, the festive skirt.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

they go west

During my senior year of high school I had the distinct honor of playing Sally Cato in the spring show, Mame. The role came with the pivotal and plot-twisting musical number in which I sang the line “Giddy-up, Lightening Rod” to my invisible horse for two whole minutes, in about a dozen different octaves, while a crowd of 300 wondered why I didn’t wear nude undergarments and why I was holding my whip upside-down. I still pray to this day no one has footage of that scene to hold over my head when E! News profiles my True Hollywood Story in ten years.

Although Sally Cato was nothing short of a harsh blow to my dignity, it did give me a leg-up on one of this season's most prominent trends: Equestrian.

Everything from riding helmets to horse-patterned sweaters made their way down the catwalk this past season. But, since a stallion graphic knit can seem a little My Little Pony-ish and wearing a riding helmet will probably get some “Halloween was last month” reactions, pieces like plaid shirts, buckled accouterments and riding boots are the perfect cavalry translation.

lauren jerdonek.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

boyfriend: bomb squad

Admit it: you either spent fourth grade recess pretending to beat the Nazis to the Ark of the Covenant or you turned the swing set into an F-14 until it was time for dinner. Regardless of your ten year-old-self’s fantasy, both Dr. Jones and Maverick taught incredibly important life lessons: No, not to “believe in the unbelievable,” not “persevere through difficult times” and especially not “don’t drink coffee in the flight tower.”

The biggest lesson learned from such BAMFs is this: with the right bomber jacket, you can never loose.

A leather bomber jacket is not only the ultimate definition of “cool,” but it’ll become one of the most versatile pieces in your repertoire. Wear it down with a white V—neck and a fitted pair of dark denim to turn you Boss Notch up a dial or dress it up with a collared shirt to add a degree of smooth and sexy to a formal look.

Because the bomber’s silhouette is so simple, it’s important to tune-in to the details. Zippers, pockets and the shape volume all formulate different styles and vibes.

lauren jerdonek.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

geeking out: diane von furstenberg & google glass

{pc: style.com

Aside from 10% Off Gelato Tuesdays at the Pourhouse Cafe & a free Wi-Fi connection, there's only one thing that gets me more excited than a kid on Christmas morning & that, my friends, is a delightful fusion in fashion & technology.

Earlier this month at New York Fashion Week, Diane von Furstenberg not only sent her  models down the runway in confident brights, narrowly cut bottoms & printed caftans, but she also added a never-before-seen accessory to the catwalk: Google Glass.

Glass is Google's first venture into the stylesphere while making its first major debut last April when Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, hosted a Google+ Hangout that featured skydivers jumping out of plane wearing Glass, capturing their descent live for the press conference attendees a.k.a. tech junkies to see. When Brin met DVF at an event over the summer, she was fascinated by his work & he hers. It was decided instantly that a collaboration had to happen.

Glass was worn by von Furstenberg, makeup artists, assistants, front-row attendees & models themselves for a short film giving a 360-degree, inside look into the creative process behind a resort collection. The glasses not only have the ability to record video & take pictures, but also act as GPS, social media updater among other things, claiming their role is "augment reality."

Although these glasses are totally on my wish-list in December (hint, hint mom & dad), Glass does pose some fashion concerns: like, how the hell to wear them without looking like  X-Men's Cyclopes. Of course the fashion maven herself did a stellar job styling the specks in her spring/summer 2013 collection, it is my duty to bring you some more obtainable inspiration perfect for your new splurge.

{contents: 1. levi's made & crafted red skinny jeans + 2. iris & ink cobalt shell top + 3. reed krakoff green crepe dress + 4. christian louboutin yellow brogues}

{contents: 1. t by alexander wang tank + 2. donna karan leather jacket + 3. valentino leggings + 4. the row clutch}

{contents: 1. chloe pleated crepe dress + 2. rag & bone jean + 3. j.crew ballet flats + 4. victoria beckham bag}

lauren jerdonek.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

essentials: leather sleeves

Adding black sleeves to your wardrobe this fall amps-up the classic tee. Noir-siding not only slims your upper arms, but also turns a simple top into a Lagerfeld-approved ensemble.

{contents: 1. jason wu lace + 2. tibi silk print + 3. reed krakoff + 4. 3.1 phillip lim leather sweater + 5. h&m color top + 7. rick owens jacket}

lauren jerdonek.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

boyfriend: mr. burgundy

Never in a million years would I have dreamed of lumping a fictional, (local) Emmy-awarded anchorman into the same category of such swanksters like Andrew Garfield and Zac Efron. In fact, I'm sure I'm committing some kind of fashion cardinal sin even comparing the two! But sometimes, ya gotta do what you gotta do.

  If there's one thing I've learned in my experience with guys (cue laughs!) it's that if you want them to listen, you need to give them something they want to listen to. So, alas I have shamefully resorted to Mr. Ron Burgundy in a plea that guys to show their support for the autumn 2012 champion color.

Burgundy in menswear was all over the runways for fall/winter 2012 collections in February. From Tommy Hilfiger to Ovadia & Sons, the legend of the deep hue lived on. 

Now, do I expect you gentleman to dawn tailored suits to 9:30 chemistry lecture? Yeah, I do. But I know you wont. So, five burgundy items that you're down to flaunt & that're girlfriend-approved.

Stay classy, San Diego. 

{contents: 1. NN07 basic tee + 2. Beams Plus Zip-Up Jacket + 3. Illesteva Sunglasses + 4. Common Projects Leather Low Top Sneakers + 5. Canili Woven-Silk Tie}

lauren jerdonek.

narcissist: wet blanket soceity [rules on white after labor day]

{contents clockwise: free people + forever21 + max azria + vs pink + united colors of beneton + forever 21}

There are two types of people in this world: Those who are wet blankets & those who are not (water resistant, camping blankets if you will.) And through my interactions with a bulk of this universe, I've had the pleasure of initiating many-a-folk into the WBS (Wet Blanket Society) despite their lack of consent. 

"No Lauren, I can't get frozen yogurt for the third time today with you." WBS! "No Lauren, I can't go out tonight, I have a final tomorrow morning at 8am." WBS! "Lauren, I can't take your shift at work after all, my great-great-aunt just died." Wet. Blanket. Society.

But, the other day I was forced into a game of "two truths and lie" in which I had nothing to match the extraordinaries of Jack's "I was arrested on the campus' football field" or Jenna's  "I have a tattoo of a skull & crossbones on my left ass cheek." My turn led to a embarrassing "Pass..." 

Enter, panic mode: "Am I, Lauren Jerdonek, a wet blanket?!" Here I've been casting Nancys & Neils into the WBS like it's my 9-5 when I myself haven't done anything remotely endangered since I ate dessert before dinner last month. But then, almost as if Coco herself (*moment of silence*) caught wind of my state, the infamous "you can't white after Labor Day" conversation emerged. 

Cue redemption.

Here's my logic on the rule: break it - duh. The banishment myth started over a hundred years ago when day-to-day dressing was much more formal. Whites & lighter hues were worn to make the sun's wrath less harsh. The rule was adapted & eventually turned into a moratorium & unnecessary fashion guideline.

 In my opinion, not only does abandoning whites for autumn & winter slash my wardrobe in half, I can't think of anything sexier than white on white. Matching lace ivories with more masculine knits & jackets makes for an unbeatable combination. Adding a loose combat boot or cinched military jacket celebrates your womanly figure.

So, the lesson I'm giving today is don't be a FWB - Fashion Wet Blanket. Rebel against the norm & wear those whites.

lauren jerdonek.

Monday, September 3, 2012

essentials: autumn's check-list

{contents: 1. madewell denim shirt + 2. t by alexander wang white shirt + 3. sheinside draped collar + 4. helmut lang leather + 5. j.crew cashmere polka dot + 6. proenza schouler cobalt blue + 7. karl leather leggings + 8. j brand denim low rise + 10. alexander mcqueen skull scarf +11. bindya printed scarf + 12. steve madden printed loafer + 13. forever 21 plum bootie}

lauren jerdonek.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

essentials: carry-on must-haves

I'm notorious in my friend group for overpacking just about every occasion. From my school bag to my suitcase, I constantly live in a "what if" mentality; "what if I need hot pink lipgloss instead of hot pink lip matte?," "what if I'm having a blue-ink pen day instead of a black-ink pen day?," "what if the event calls for dark denim instead of acid-washed?

My friends & I are fortunate enough to share a common love for traveling - so any free week or long weekend we get we're constantly jet-setting & exploring new places. & although the times traveling with them are some of my most favorite memories, plane trips present two of my worst nightmares First, thanks to those TSA bastards & whoever the hell owns the sky, I have been forced to limit the amount of cosmetics I take on board. Do you guys know how difficult it is to even go two hours without YSL mascara?! Really freaking difficult, that's how! And, secondly, the counterpart of being amongst the clouds that give you a whimsical, fairy-tale, "I can conquer anything" feeling, is that the altitude dehydrates your skin [which explains why you may breakout or why your foundation looks caked-on when you get off.]

Thankfully, I am here to rescue all you celestial sphere problems, skylords! I give you, 12 beauty essentials that are security-approved & 4 easy steps & tricks.

Step {1} - "The Banishment"
Right when you get settled in, remove your make-up with wipes. Although I don't use them in my  daily make-up routine, I prefer "Yes to Cucumbers Soothing" wipes for travel. They smell amazing & don't leave your skin feeling groggy.

Step {2} - "Refresh"
Fill a small spray bottle a third of the way with water. After you've removed all your makeup, douse your face with the water & dab with cotton pads (shown above: bottom, right) This refreshes & thoroughly cleanses the skin. Purchase an eye contact container at any drug store & dispense your go-to moisturizer in one side. Apply all over the face to nourish the skin. This will keep your face from breaking & drying-out. 

Step {3} - "Re-do"
I blame my father for me having a serious fear of seeing someone I wasn't expecting to see in public & not being of pristine appearance. I can't tell you the number of 6am airport run-ins he's had with Mr. This or Mrs. That which has led my compulsion in always needing a full face of makeup. When the pilot announces your "approach to landing" reach into your cosmetic bag and grab your eye contact case. You've already filled one half with moisturizer, so while you're packing fill the other with your favorite foundation. Use Makeup Forever's mini kit to comply with the 3oz rules & to save space. Always pack a cosmetic mirror in your bag so you can see what you're doing. This way, you wont have to stumble over people's laps & legs to go to the restroom. My favorite is NARS' that doubles as blush & bronzer! Re-applying makeup at the end of your trip will leave your face looking fresh & new-zit-free!

Step {4} - "Extra, Extra!"
Pack a Tide To-Go pen & a sample-size perfume in your bag! You may not get ahold of your luggage for hours in the event that it gets lost, so having the Tide pen in case of drink spillage is necessary. And finally, those perfume samples come in handy! Save them to use throughout your vacation! Experimenting in scents is so appropriate while experimenting in travels! 

Share a travel beauty secret below or on our Facebook page for a chance to win a travel kit like the one above!
Bon Voyage!

lauren jerdonek.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

current: christmas in july

Am I the only one who constantly looks forward to the arrival of heat-induced summer days all of spring & within two weeks of sweating & sunburns crave the first snow of the year & wool earmuffs? I've subjected myself to a never-ending mental cycle of always wanting to wear Espadrilles in three inches of snow or hating that cashmere & dark skinnies aren't appropriate for 104-degree weather: le sigh.

However, as with most of my logic, there are always exceptions. 

Enter, Christmas in July.

Growing up, Christmas in the Jerdonek residence has been nothing short of an extravaganza. In fact, it wasn't until a conversation freshman year of college that it dawned on me not everyone had a Christmas elf named Hermie or that the enforcement of a strict present color palette wasn't completely normal. Both of which, at twenty, I still eagerly anticipate without an ounce of shame. Another aspect of the Christmas season that's so highly appealing is that, to me, "Yule time" & "guilt-free accouterments" are pretty much synonymous with one another. I'm talking hot coco with no caloric worries, adorning the green/red combo with no clashing anxiety, & most importantly wearing lots of sparkle & not feeling tacky about it at all.

So--  today, I am encouraging you all to break out your finest shimmer & shine pieces in honor of Christmas in July. Below lay some compromises between "dazzling dashing" & well... a Christmas tree topper.

{contents: 1. topshop sequin t-shirt dress + 2. dolce & gabbana cropped jacquard pant + 3. topshop black metallic boucle short + 4. metallic bronze short + 5. anya hindmarch glitter clutch + 6. diane von furstenberg twill metallic short + 7. essie "nothing else metals" + 8. essie "penny talk" + 9. essie "good as gold" + 10. million ballet flats

lauren jerdonek.

Monday, July 16, 2012

current: 2012 london olympics

Recounting the absence of my athleticism seems to be a theme here on twic, but alas I must brief the delusional stint in my youth where dreams of being a gymnast seemed as realistic as the idea of me getting picked last for soccer, kickball, basketball (etc, etc), which ten years of P.E. class proved to be very realistic. 

But, if there's one thing greater than my bitterness toward my gym classmates it's my love for the red, white & blue! In fact, against the requests of my friends, I'm always looking left, right & under couch cushions for an excuse to wear an American flag in [literally] any form and thankfully, the 2012 Olympics is making that search much easier.

Although I'll never be an Olympic athlete, I will spend the next four weeks channeling my inner Shawn Johnson with structured shoulders, metallic sport jackets & nothing but patriotic hues

What follows is my top designer picks that allow you to subtly, yet not-so-subtly, rep the States & a "thank you" to London via accessories for hosting my nostalgia for forward rolls & cartwheels.

{content:} 1. rag & bone jeans + 2. london flag clutch + 3. narciso rodriguez top + 4. duvetica vest + giuseppe zanotti gladiator sandals + 6. big ben iphone case + 7. iro sequined jacket + nars jungle red

{contents} topshop blouse + asos metal frame clutch + topshop snake metallic leggings + mossimo cobalt blue heels + h&m blue skinny jeans + essie really red + topshop gold booties

lauren jerdonek.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

boyfriend: florence street style

Dear boyfriend,

I'll keep this brief because I've heard there is some sort of major chess playoff game (or something) tonight, but I wanted to let you know that wearing baby pink cartoon whales all over your hats, ties, t-shirts & shorts makes you look like a 12 year old girl & pastel bow-ties do not make you look like a Brooks Brother but a horrible reenactment of Pee Wee Herman.

& with that, please take in as many tips from the gentlemen below from Florence's men's Fashion Week as you possibly can.

Love, girlfriend.


{photo cred: Tommy Ton}

lauren jerdonek.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

current: little black jacket

I'll be the first to admit that both of my parents have it goin' on up in the ole noggin. And, as most parents do, they did all they could to inflect their wealth of knowledge & bounty of intelligence onto my brother & I.

However, growing up, the moments in which I would leave the land of boy bands and Barbies were rare. Although my obsession with Justin Timberlake's corn rolls and choreographing multiple routines of Aaron Carter's "Aaron's Party" consumed most of time until recently (no shame), not all of my parents' wisdom went to waste through one ear & out the other. 

Perhaps one piece of advice that resinated the most with me resulted from a phone call to my mom after an office blunder that I've since forgotten; "It's okay if you have to cry, just wait until you get outside." Since that day, every meeting gone terrible, phone call gone ruthless or friend gone friendless has yet to initiate my tear ducts (I've also stopped buying waterproof mascara for an extra incentive)

But there's always an exception.
And its name is usually "McQueen."

On a quick gallivant to NYC last summer, I forced my roommate into to Met Museum for Alexander McQueen's "Savage Beauty" exhibit for what would be the most incredible, magical and fulfilling 90 minutes of my life (no exaggeration) & sobbed the whole way through. Alas, Alexander had broken the public meltdown spell.

Although every morning I rip another day off my countdown to the Big Apple move in a few months, I was feeling especially nostalgic of my Savage Beauty afternoon when Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld's "Chanel: Little Black Jacket" exhibit came into town last week.

The exhibit is in celebration of Mr. Lagerfeld's book which features over 120 ways to wear Chanel's classic tweed black jacket on the likes of everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Theophilus London. A simple, fitted black jacket is by far the most timeless & essential piece every man, woman & child need in their wardrobe. It is the every-transforming "it" item for every outfit having the ability to dress-up or edge-up companions as casual as the pajama. Magic, I tell you.

Take a look below of my favorite shots from the book & exhibit as well as my favorite black jackets of the moment.

{photo cred: karl lagerfeld}

laren jerdonek.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

current: chevron print

Chevron isn't a new pattern. In fact, Italian fashion powerhouse Missoni has been bringing us the zigzag print for decades now.

However, chevron did catch us off guard this season as a mega-trend. From dresses to accessories, nail art to apartment decor, style-savvies everywhere are giving the classic stripes an update.

One of the most fun things about chevron is that the print can literally be taken in any direction. Paired with neons or wide bottoms, the print becomes retro; paired with a skinny jean & pump, the print transform into an unreal level of chic.

{contents: 1. topshop belt + missoni luggage, gifted + haute hippie maxi + ruche shorts + asos stackable chevron rings}

lauren jerdonek.