Thursday, June 21, 2012

boyfriend: florence street style

Dear boyfriend,

I'll keep this brief because I've heard there is some sort of major chess playoff game (or something) tonight, but I wanted to let you know that wearing baby pink cartoon whales all over your hats, ties, t-shirts & shorts makes you look like a 12 year old girl & pastel bow-ties do not make you look like a Brooks Brother but a horrible reenactment of Pee Wee Herman.

& with that, please take in as many tips from the gentlemen below from Florence's men's Fashion Week as you possibly can.

Love, girlfriend.


{photo cred: Tommy Ton}

lauren jerdonek.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

current: little black jacket

I'll be the first to admit that both of my parents have it goin' on up in the ole noggin. And, as most parents do, they did all they could to inflect their wealth of knowledge & bounty of intelligence onto my brother & I.

However, growing up, the moments in which I would leave the land of boy bands and Barbies were rare. Although my obsession with Justin Timberlake's corn rolls and choreographing multiple routines of Aaron Carter's "Aaron's Party" consumed most of time until recently (no shame), not all of my parents' wisdom went to waste through one ear & out the other. 

Perhaps one piece of advice that resinated the most with me resulted from a phone call to my mom after an office blunder that I've since forgotten; "It's okay if you have to cry, just wait until you get outside." Since that day, every meeting gone terrible, phone call gone ruthless or friend gone friendless has yet to initiate my tear ducts (I've also stopped buying waterproof mascara for an extra incentive)

But there's always an exception.
And its name is usually "McQueen."

On a quick gallivant to NYC last summer, I forced my roommate into to Met Museum for Alexander McQueen's "Savage Beauty" exhibit for what would be the most incredible, magical and fulfilling 90 minutes of my life (no exaggeration) & sobbed the whole way through. Alas, Alexander had broken the public meltdown spell.

Although every morning I rip another day off my countdown to the Big Apple move in a few months, I was feeling especially nostalgic of my Savage Beauty afternoon when Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld's "Chanel: Little Black Jacket" exhibit came into town last week.

The exhibit is in celebration of Mr. Lagerfeld's book which features over 120 ways to wear Chanel's classic tweed black jacket on the likes of everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Theophilus London. A simple, fitted black jacket is by far the most timeless & essential piece every man, woman & child need in their wardrobe. It is the every-transforming "it" item for every outfit having the ability to dress-up or edge-up companions as casual as the pajama. Magic, I tell you.

Take a look below of my favorite shots from the book & exhibit as well as my favorite black jackets of the moment.

{photo cred: karl lagerfeld}

laren jerdonek.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

current: chevron print

Chevron isn't a new pattern. In fact, Italian fashion powerhouse Missoni has been bringing us the zigzag print for decades now.

However, chevron did catch us off guard this season as a mega-trend. From dresses to accessories, nail art to apartment decor, style-savvies everywhere are giving the classic stripes an update.

One of the most fun things about chevron is that the print can literally be taken in any direction. Paired with neons or wide bottoms, the print becomes retro; paired with a skinny jean & pump, the print transform into an unreal level of chic.

{contents: 1. topshop belt + missoni luggage, gifted + haute hippie maxi + ruche shorts + asos stackable chevron rings}

lauren jerdonek.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

narcissist: a dainty oxymoron

I've never been a guy's girl. 

In the fourth grade, I had this short sprint of mentality, thanks to Mary-Kate Olsen's character in the 1999 blockbuster hit "Switching Goals," that if I were to play soccer during recess with the boys (& sweat a lot), I would become a lot cooler & desirable than the girls who were making up dance routines to Destiny's Child's "Jumpin' Jumpin'" & practicing their high jumps & toe touches on the playground.

That theory was put to rest when pretty quickly when I was called out for picking up the ball with my hands, crying over a broken nail & someone commenting on how red my face was, all within twenty minutes.

Still, at 20, the only sport I seem to excel in is pinning a dozen swoon-worthy guys to my "gentlemen con swag" Pinterest board in less than a minute. (I'm trying out for the USA Olympic team next week, keep your fingers crossed!) However, even though every pore on my body exudes excess amounts of girl, I'm finding ways to include some masculinity into my wardrobe. Enter, the military jacket.

The military jacket has saved my outfits countless times since its purchase. Although I have worn it with pretty much every piece in my closet, today I played one of my favorite games called "Fashion Oxymoron," in which I pick the two most opposite items in my sight & wear them together. The outcome is always successfully repelling.

I'm all about tease mid-photo shoot.

Every photo set needs a "she looks like an asshole" pic.

Oh, stoooooop it!

This is a military-inspired look...

{contents} Forever 21 military jacket + Forever 21 lace dress + Urban Outfitters belt + 
Vince Camuto heels + Vintage Gucci}

lauren jerdonek.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

escapades: cfda awards winner

My dedication to Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen has been a devout one. Not only did I consider them relatable in my younger years, but as my style started to emerge as I grew I found I constantly pulled inspiration from the trendsetting sisters.

Flash forward ten years later. 

Last night, Mary-Kate & Ashley won Designer of the Year at the annual CFDA Awards (the Super Bowl of the fashion world) for their luxury label, The Row. As demented as my logic might be, I feel a since of pride for the two as they won, beating out those whom are considered to be equally-esteemed. The Olsens have finally proven themselves as legitimate, cutting-edge designers & I'm having to question whether or not these are the same girls who were Michelle Tanner.

I love The Row because every piece that derives from any given collection always has one underlying theme: classic.

My favorites from 2012 The Row collections:

lauren jerdonek.

Monday, June 4, 2012

narcissist: hibiscus this

As I sit under my sun-shielding umbrella, sipping a pina colada listening to the Hawaiian waves crash against the beach, I can't help but soak in a little tropical inspiration for today's look. Okay, you caught me: I'm not sipping a pina colada. Or in Hawaii.

Can't a girl dream

Although I'm not reaping the benefits of Honolulu's finest UV rays, or any rays for that matter, this past weekend I fully committed myself to a summer of island-inspired prints that even the biggest Kahuna would be envious of. 

Bright, bold, tropical flowers are a divine & fun way to channel your inner-islander without feeling obligated to wear a coconut bra, grass skirt & constantly recite optimistic proverbs. Altuzarra & Stella McCartney are just two of the designers that covered their collections in saturated blossoms, making the mix of ocean blues, striking pinks & vivid greens a staple palette for the coming months.

Below, yours truly demonstrates:

{contents:} shirt: silence + noise + skirt: zara + clutch: big buddha + shoes: jessica simpson} 


lauren jerdonek.