Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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I'll be the first to admit that both of my parents have it goin' on up in the ole noggin. And, as most parents do, they did all they could to inflect their wealth of knowledge & bounty of intelligence onto my brother & I.

However, growing up, the moments in which I would leave the land of boy bands and Barbies were rare. Although my obsession with Justin Timberlake's corn rolls and choreographing multiple routines of Aaron Carter's "Aaron's Party" consumed most of time until recently (no shame), not all of my parents' wisdom went to waste through one ear & out the other. 

Perhaps one piece of advice that resinated the most with me resulted from a phone call to my mom after an office blunder that I've since forgotten; "It's okay if you have to cry, just wait until you get outside." Since that day, every meeting gone terrible, phone call gone ruthless or friend gone friendless has yet to initiate my tear ducts (I've also stopped buying waterproof mascara for an extra incentive)

But there's always an exception.
And its name is usually "McQueen."

On a quick gallivant to NYC last summer, I forced my roommate into to Met Museum for Alexander McQueen's "Savage Beauty" exhibit for what would be the most incredible, magical and fulfilling 90 minutes of my life (no exaggeration) & sobbed the whole way through. Alas, Alexander had broken the public meltdown spell.

Although every morning I rip another day off my countdown to the Big Apple move in a few months, I was feeling especially nostalgic of my Savage Beauty afternoon when Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld's "Chanel: Little Black Jacket" exhibit came into town last week.

The exhibit is in celebration of Mr. Lagerfeld's book which features over 120 ways to wear Chanel's classic tweed black jacket on the likes of everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Theophilus London. A simple, fitted black jacket is by far the most timeless & essential piece every man, woman & child need in their wardrobe. It is the every-transforming "it" item for every outfit having the ability to dress-up or edge-up companions as casual as the pajama. Magic, I tell you.

Take a look below of my favorite shots from the book & exhibit as well as my favorite black jackets of the moment.

{photo cred: karl lagerfeld}

laren jerdonek.

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