Tuesday, June 5, 2012

escapades: cfda awards winner

My dedication to Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen has been a devout one. Not only did I consider them relatable in my younger years, but as my style started to emerge as I grew I found I constantly pulled inspiration from the trendsetting sisters.

Flash forward ten years later. 

Last night, Mary-Kate & Ashley won Designer of the Year at the annual CFDA Awards (the Super Bowl of the fashion world) for their luxury label, The Row. As demented as my logic might be, I feel a since of pride for the two as they won, beating out those whom are considered to be equally-esteemed. The Olsens have finally proven themselves as legitimate, cutting-edge designers & I'm having to question whether or not these are the same girls who were Michelle Tanner.

I love The Row because every piece that derives from any given collection always has one underlying theme: classic.

My favorites from 2012 The Row collections:

lauren jerdonek.

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