Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Am I the only one who constantly looks forward to the arrival of heat-induced summer days all of spring & within two weeks of sweating & sunburns crave the first snow of the year & wool earmuffs? I've subjected myself to a never-ending mental cycle of always wanting to wear Espadrilles in three inches of snow or hating that cashmere & dark skinnies aren't appropriate for 104-degree weather: le sigh.

However, as with most of my logic, there are always exceptions. 

Enter, Christmas in July.

Growing up, Christmas in the Jerdonek residence has been nothing short of an extravaganza. In fact, it wasn't until a conversation freshman year of college that it dawned on me not everyone had a Christmas elf named Hermie or that the enforcement of a strict present color palette wasn't completely normal. Both of which, at twenty, I still eagerly anticipate without an ounce of shame. Another aspect of the Christmas season that's so highly appealing is that, to me, "Yule time" & "guilt-free accouterments" are pretty much synonymous with one another. I'm talking hot coco with no caloric worries, adorning the green/red combo with no clashing anxiety, & most importantly wearing lots of sparkle & not feeling tacky about it at all.

So--  today, I am encouraging you all to break out your finest shimmer & shine pieces in honor of Christmas in July. Below lay some compromises between "dazzling dashing" & well... a Christmas tree topper.

{contents: 1. topshop sequin t-shirt dress + 2. dolce & gabbana cropped jacquard pant + 3. topshop black metallic boucle short + 4. metallic bronze short + 5. anya hindmarch glitter clutch + 6. diane von furstenberg twill metallic short + 7. essie "nothing else metals" + 8. essie "penny talk" + 9. essie "good as gold" + 10. million ballet flats

lauren jerdonek.

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