Monday, July 16, 2012

current: 2012 london olympics

Recounting the absence of my athleticism seems to be a theme here on twic, but alas I must brief the delusional stint in my youth where dreams of being a gymnast seemed as realistic as the idea of me getting picked last for soccer, kickball, basketball (etc, etc), which ten years of P.E. class proved to be very realistic. 

But, if there's one thing greater than my bitterness toward my gym classmates it's my love for the red, white & blue! In fact, against the requests of my friends, I'm always looking left, right & under couch cushions for an excuse to wear an American flag in [literally] any form and thankfully, the 2012 Olympics is making that search much easier.

Although I'll never be an Olympic athlete, I will spend the next four weeks channeling my inner Shawn Johnson with structured shoulders, metallic sport jackets & nothing but patriotic hues

What follows is my top designer picks that allow you to subtly, yet not-so-subtly, rep the States & a "thank you" to London via accessories for hosting my nostalgia for forward rolls & cartwheels.

{content:} 1. rag & bone jeans + 2. london flag clutch + 3. narciso rodriguez top + 4. duvetica vest + giuseppe zanotti gladiator sandals + 6. big ben iphone case + 7. iro sequined jacket + nars jungle red

{contents} topshop blouse + asos metal frame clutch + topshop snake metallic leggings + mossimo cobalt blue heels + h&m blue skinny jeans + essie really red + topshop gold booties

lauren jerdonek.

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