Wednesday, November 28, 2012

they go west

During my senior year of high school I had the distinct honor of playing Sally Cato in the spring show, Mame. The role came with the pivotal and plot-twisting musical number in which I sang the line “Giddy-up, Lightening Rod” to my invisible horse for two whole minutes, in about a dozen different octaves, while a crowd of 300 wondered why I didn’t wear nude undergarments and why I was holding my whip upside-down. I still pray to this day no one has footage of that scene to hold over my head when E! News profiles my True Hollywood Story in ten years.

Although Sally Cato was nothing short of a harsh blow to my dignity, it did give me a leg-up on one of this season's most prominent trends: Equestrian.

Everything from riding helmets to horse-patterned sweaters made their way down the catwalk this past season. But, since a stallion graphic knit can seem a little My Little Pony-ish and wearing a riding helmet will probably get some “Halloween was last month” reactions, pieces like plaid shirts, buckled accouterments and riding boots are the perfect cavalry translation.

lauren jerdonek.