Monday, April 9, 2012

geeking out: instagram x fashion

You know those people who think that downloading the Instagram app on their phone instantly makes them a professional photographer? 
Yeah, that's me.

I mean, not only have I convinced myself that "Valencia" & "Walden" have turned me into a modern-day Henri Cartier-Bresson (photojournalism courses pay off, my friends), but its competitor-no-more, Facebook, has done wonders for my self-esteem; making me think I am way more popular than I actually am all thanks to a "like" button.

& now, the two are brother & sister. 

This morning, Facebook bought Instagram for one. billion. dollars. (talk about a shopping spree...) One billion! Do you know how many Celine bags I could buy with one billion dollars? A lot. & even though Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the Web (We're all guilty of having two different FB browsers open at the same time), doesn't that cash seem like an obscene amount for such a small screen?

Let me break it down for you.

A few months ago, a bunch a rich, old men told Instagram they were worth $300 thousand. & even though that would buy more Birkin bags than are even produced, that wasn't good enough for the {thirteen} employees of Instagram. So, the company decided to open their iPhone-exclusive clique to Anroid users making them worth $500 thousand as of last week. Next month, Facebook is expected to make a 100 billion dollar i.p.o. offering (translation: Facebook stock is going to be precious & expensive in a few weeks), so they can afford to spend a bill or two on some luxury items a.k.a. Instagram. 

One of the beauties about the app is that it adds an element of emotion & personality that no other platform has been able to accomplish yet. & the fashion realm has definitely caught wind of the trend. Here are my favorite style-snaps throughout the past few weeks from bloggers, designers & stylists that I stalk.

{1.} Definitely just another girl who is in love with everything Leandra Medine touches. Her sense of humor tangled in with her taste-making fashion is divinely strange & amazing.

{2.} Any workplace that throws piñata Tuesday fiestas is an employer I will forever show loyalty to. & that's exactly what Refinery29 does.

{3.} My boss recently got back from a trip to Brazil & uploaded this photo of a student. Dedication.

{4.} I get weak in the knees for menswear, so following the Grungy Gentleman only seems natural & necessary. Not only is he the blogger for menswear looks, but is also a Hoosier (represent!) He uploaded this photo of Norm, a 78 year-old man who hasn't missed an IU game in over 50 years at the Elite 8 rounds.

{5.} If you've ever been around me for, oh, 3 minutes, you know how I feel about Nylon. It can be summed up with the phrase "my bible"

{6.} Not ashamed to admit my extreme & ongoing girl crush on Chelsea Kane. Not only do I want her wardrobe, but we share one common love: Native American Headdresses.

{7.} Marc Jacobs International does a beyond amazing job of connecting with their huge audience by uploading exclusive photos & backstage footage.

{8.} If you missed yesterday's love confession to Eva Chen... right this way

My turn- - - - 
Here's my life through my favorite Instagrams over the past few months.

{1.} a photo my friend, who lives in Paris, sent me last week. Swoon.
{2.} a teaser of the most exciting news that's hit my inbox in the history of ever.
{3.} hipster inception: My favorite polaroid of Bay & I at her birthday party in February <3

{4.} my family & I spent winter break in the Bahamas for my dad's birthday.
{5.} North Carolina landing pad. Dodging aviation, nbd.
{6.} like I said, sucker for menswear. Even if that is my brother...

{7.} the journalism school vending machine- where almost every breakfast, lunch & dinner are made.
{8.} if I could live in the look forever, I would. At a friend's basement party.
{9.} I took this photo Lollapalooza weekend. Unfortunately, I lost all documentation of the trip to a mud-pit dance battleNo regrets.

{10.} I got this top on a trip to London with my mom & just recently rediscovered it.
{11.} a night that felt like summer. Music, drinks & people I love.
{12.} my Bay again. She's a model & I'm her groupie. It works.

& finally...

...the most chic of all pictures, my best friends & I on a January trip to the East Coast. The bathroom: our natural habitat. 

lauren jerdonek.

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