Tuesday, April 10, 2012

escapades: coachella 2012

Do you know what it's like to receive an email from an international publication asking if you're available to cover a week of Coachella fashion for their style segment & having to say "no" because you're an 18 credit-hour student whose accounting professor refuses to make a mandatory final date not-so-mandatory? 

Well I do.

& even though I'm still [a little] bitter, I'm combating my urge to boycott the exam all-together by lusting over maxi-skirts, retro sun glasses & swimwear that doubles as rain gear/sweat sponges.

Coachella fashion has become so iconic, that a lot of times I forget it's a music festival [I know, shame on me.] But, in my defense, aren't trends & tunes synonymous with one another? A lot of times, the music I listen to in the morning influences what I end up wearing for the day. So, why shouldn't you dress show-specifically this weekend? I know I would totally plan an outfit on the bands I'd be seeing.

Here's three shows I wish I were seeing & the clothes I wish I would be wearing.

awolnation & mustard/metallic mix
Blame it on their raving SXSW reviews, or my love for a great progressive keyboard intro, but AWOLNATION is a must-see for any Coachella-goer this weekend. Pair their deep vocals & high/low beats with black metallics & mustard accents.
Catch them: April 14th/21st
{contents} collar necklace: topshop + tank: billabong + sunglasses: house of harlow 1960
cross body: urban outfitters + shredded shorts: nasty gal + studded sandals: steve madden

grouplove + pink/punk pair
The first time I heard Grouplove I may or may not have been engaging in less-than-innocent activities. & since, whenever I hear "Tongue Tied" I can't help but think of basement parties, solo cups & lots of hair going lots of everywhere. Their entire album is full of sweet vibes complemented by guitar rushes with a sexy, girly twist. Pretty much, it screams "find American flag shorts & never take them off."
Catch them: April 13th/20th
{contents:} sunglasses: ray ban + denim zip bralet: topshop + cambridge satchel: asos
ankle boots: belstaff + american flag short: topshop 

st. vincent & pastels/petals couple
St. Vincent's aesthetic switches between a whimsical, airy fairy-tale to psychedelic guitar riffs with no warning at all. Annie Clark's delicate voice leaves every ear wanting more, giving her audience dancing tunes or mellow melodies. Take a floral mini-dress to her show in support of her soft verses but match it with a sky-high heel to match her power choruses.   
Catch them: April 14th/21st
{contents:} sparkle stud wrap: topshop + floral bow back dress: topshop + sunglasses: asos
pale crossbody: forever21 + shoes: asos

What bands are you excited to see [or livestream]
 &more importantly, what're you wearing.

lauren jerdonek.

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