Monday, March 12, 2012

turn of events: the ugg

I've had three major moments in life where I've questioned everything I thought to be true: 1. Santa Claus' nonexistence left me in tears every night for a month [ask my mom]. 2. Finding out Drew Seeley was the voice of Troy Bolton in the first High School Musical and not Zac Efron had be doubled over & on a Disney boycott for a week [an incredibly long time in tween world]. & now this...

I present...
A non-ugly Ugg.

I'm talkin' a pair of Uggs I never want to leave my feet. I'm talkin' a shoe-lover's paradise. I'm talkin' what is soon to be the envy of all my friends. 


I have never been pro-Ugg. In fact, I seriously spite those who claim they're just so "warm & fuzzy" & "go with everything" [fashion over function, ladies]. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw these lil' mamas on display when I was out shopping tonight. 

Whether you opt for wooden heel or woven wedge, you cannot go wrong pairing any of these with a white sheer dress or pastel ankle-cut trousers for the perfect sunny day look. 

Regardless of which pair you decide to go with, I can guarantee one thing: they will leave you feeling warm & fuzzy.

1. Lucianna - "Santorini Ikat"
2. Marcella - "Mint"
3. Lauri - "Lipstick"
4. Cynthia - "Natural"
5. Callia - "Chestnut"
6. Onoria - "Cuoio"

lauren jerdonek.

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