Saturday, March 17, 2012

nailed it: go green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Everyone knows wearing green on SPD is a must- & who doesn't love an excuse to go in theme for a day? But dressing for a certain occasions can sometimes feel a little unnatural & goofy. &, let's face it, wearing a four-leaf clover on your chest is a little cliche...
the perfect medium is a fun, green pastel palette for your fingertips! It's the best way to avoid getting pinched & get into the Saint Patty's spirit without feeling overdone & contrived.
Giving yourself a french-tipped manicure is now easier than ever with Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pens. They don't over-bleed the polish & give you an extreme amount of control of the design you're trying to achieve. They're great for tipping your nails or going for more intricate designs.
Give yourself 2 thick coats of Essie's "navigate her" for a ridiculous amount of slick shine that looks professionally done [but leave ample drying time in-between each!]

This look will leave your less than chic friends feeling green with envy in 3 easy steps.

{nailed it: go green}
1. Essie - "Navigate Her"
2. Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen - "Chartreuse" 

lauren jerdonek.

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