Thursday, March 15, 2012

escapades: sxsw

SXSW is in full swing which means two things: 1. Music festival season has officially begun & 2. We now have the perfect excuse to tailor new shopping trips for each one.

South By is every music lover's dream-- a week full of running around the city discovering your new favorite band, finally seeing a veteran performance & of course, eating lots & lots of tacos. Although I'm mega-bummed I couldn't join some friends who hit the open road & headed out west this week, I'm living vicariously [& jealously] through their tweets, Instagram photos & making many trips to the Mexican restaurant down the street.

Just because I'm stuck listening to my Spotify version of the week [search "sxsw: twic by lj" for my favorites], it doesn't mean that I'm not dressing like I could be in the front row pit of Delta Spirit or partying at one of the lounges.

Here are my go-to looks for an Austin-inspired wardrobe 
[all from ASOS & Nasty Gal]

lauren jerdonek.

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  1. i love all of these. music festival fashion is the best!!

    alicia // river city chic